Decking is very adaptable and the ideal solution especially if your garden is a challenging site.

Growing more in popularity with a wide range of deck to choose from natural or composite it’s a great way to create your ideal outdoor space.

It’s a great cost-effective way to create a level area over the uneven or steep angled ground.

With minimal groundwork, the deck sits on a frame hiding the challenging ground underneath.

With a multitude of uses not just for seating areas, but raised balconies, seats, walkways and jetties over water, it can also soften the look over the whole garden.

Soft and hardwood decking comes with a wide range of styles, with different size boards and finishes to choose from bringing a real natural feel to your garden.

There’s also a wide choice of balustrade to choose whether its bevelled handrails with spindles, route iron, rope or even glass there’s something to suit all tastes.

Composite decking is a great choice if a contemporary style is what you’re looking for, but can still have some natural wood style finishes.

It has a much longer life span than its natural counterparts and also the subframe can be constructed using the same composite material elongating the life span of the deck as using natural materials do rot and usually, the life span of the deck relies on the frame upon its laid.

Composite decking gives you a wider range of colour, texture and finishes also giving you choices with fascia boards and edgings which can give great detailing to steps and other edges.

Easy to keep the clean and constant colour that doesn’t fade or need treating it’s a great product.